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Hudson & Saleeby - Meet the celebrity guests we've entertained
Meet the celebrity guests we've entertained

Ann Margret
Ann Margret's company of performers made friends with us at Caesars Palace. They would come in to hear us between their shows and then later, we would catch up with each other for more leisure time together. We gave Ann one of our Hudson & Saleeby tee-shirts one night backstage at Caesars Palace and we got the word that she was jogging on the beach in it not too long ago. Wade, Rick, Richard, and the rest of the dancers were the most talented team we ever saw! We miss you all.
Barry Manilow
When Lucy brought Barry to see us in Memphis, we were performing at Wink Martindale's club in Overton Square. That night was really fun for us. Barry and his friends sat right on the front row and stared us down. We were scared to death when we chose to sing a few of his songs and our songs for him that night, but he enjoyed it and paid us some great compliments. He then had us in his studio in LA to record some of his songs he had never recorded himself. We later had the great experience of singing on stage with him as part of his "choir".
One night at Caesars Palace in Vegas, we were performing on Cleopatra's Barge with our 5 piece band. A security guard escorted a woman in who had a short "shag" haircut. She sat at a table, but he stood by her the entire night. We were trying to figure out who she was, and it turned out to be Cher. She enjoyed us so much she then brought her entire band in to see us at the end of the night. We stayed late that night and played another show especially for them. They all got up and played with us several nights in a row. Cher was very nice and even suggested some herbs to us that she takes to keep her throat moisturized. Thanks for the tip, Cher!
Danny Thomas
We first saw him perform in Vegas at the Sands Hotel but met Danny and Rosemary Thomas in Los Angeles one night when we were out having dinner with Wink and Sandy Martindale. That was truly a thrill since Doug's family had always viewed Danny as an "icon" to his own family's heritage. After that first meeting, we saw Danny many more times and Chris even had the chance to sing "Danny Boy" for him. His talent was great and the hospital he built, St Jude's Children's Research Hospital, is incredible.
Debbie Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds gave us the biggest tip of our career....$700. She was in our audience at the Tropicana Hotel in Vegas and kept coming up to the stage with casino chips and would whisper "I'll get more". She must have been getting them from her date for the night, but it was very cute of her the way she would run up to the stage with a little girlish snicker on her face. She's a great performer and really knows how to get the crowd going. Thanks Debbie!
Dionne Warwick
Dionne Warwick's sister, Dee Dee, used to perform at Caesars Palace in Vegas on Cleopatra's Barge at the same time we did. We would alternate sets. Naturally, Dionne would come check out Dee Dee and she had no choice but to hear us, as well. She was very nice and would spend time with us after our shows. We will always remember, besides her beautiful talent, how striking her beauty is up close and in person.
Gary Morris
Gary Morris has always been an inspiration to us. His beautiful voice and songs are amazing. One night while performing in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel, Gary came in and sat at the bar. He stared up at us and we couldn't help but to do one of his songs for him. We have run into him again when we have been part of some of the same events or sometimes will see him at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. We were especially proud of his Jean Valjean in LeMiz in NYC.
Gatlin Brothers
The Gatlin Brothers used to stop by the lounge at the Riviera Hotel in Vegas when we were there. It was always great to have Larry, Steve, and Rudy in the audience because they created such a stir of excitement.
President Gerald Ford
We had the honor of being in Sacramento, CA when Squeeky Frome shot President Gerald Ford. We were performing at the Senator Hotel across from the Capitol Building. In fact, President Ford was staying in the Senator Hotel, as well, in the suite above us. Yes, we heard him flush the john.
Marlo Thomas
When Marlo used to be the spokeswoman for one of the sewing patterns companies, she was in Charlotte, NC doing a shoot and stopped by to have dinner at the El Villa where we were performing. She came up on stage and sat there on the piano bench singing along. We have since performed for her along with husband Phil Donahue in Memphis as part of St Jude Children's Research Hospital functions. Marlo, her sister Terre, and her brother Tony are all to be commended for their hard work with the hospital their father started.
Neil Sedaka
It was very cool the night Neil Sedaka came in to see us in Vegas. His sound crew and other staff had been hanging out in the lounge with us and they must have encouraged him to stop in. Chris sang Neil's own "Hungry Years" for him. Neil offered his own orchestra arrangement to us for our future use. Thanks Neil!
Oak Ridge Boys
The Oak Ridge Boys used to have parties in Vegas after their shows in a house in town they must have been renting. We appreciated being invited to stop by. They always commented that it was obvious we were raised singing in church and should have gone into gospel. It was always a thrill to stop by their show at the Frontier and hear them sing.
Phyliss Dillar
Phillis Diller used to stop by Cleopatra's Barge at Caesars Palace in Vegas to catch Hudson & Saleeby. She was funny even in a relaxed setting. We would spend some time at her table between our shows. After seeing Chris play some slot machines several times, she decided he was a "slot-a-holic".
Robert Goulet
We have many fond memories of spending time in Robert Goulet's dressing rooms in Vegas where there was always a grand piano and a bar. We'd all sing and have the best time with him as well as his daughter, Nikki.
Roy Clark
Roy and Buck always created excitement in our audience at the Frontier Hotel's Winners Circle Lounge before, between, and after their shows. Roy can really play the guitar!
Tanya Tucker
When we met Tanya first in Vegas, she must have been a child. We later ran into her again on stage at Wink Martindale's in Memphis when she got up and sang "Rocky Top" with us. She was particularly complimentary of our original songs.
Wayne Newton
Working in the same major hotel property in Vegas along with Wayne was always an interesting experience. He and his wife would stop by the lounge often to hear some of our music. When his shows finally broke ( he stays on stage a long time), his audiences were always in a great spirit.
Wink Martindale
Wink Martindale and his wife Sandy used to stop by to catch our performances at the Tropicana Hotel in Vegas while they were taping "Las Vegas Gambit". We got to be friends and before you knew it, we were moving our home base to Memphis where he had a great little restaurant/lounge. Thanks for all the fun times, Wink and Sandy.
Lindsay Wagner
When we were performing at the Adobe Iron Gate in Palm Springs, CA, Lindsay Wagner would be vacationing there and was very nice to share conversation with us, as well as some great Elvis music coming out of her suite onto the grounds.
Righteous Brothers
When Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield (The Righteous Brothers) were in our audience one night, we couldn't help but get them up to sing "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling".
Ernie and Tova Borgnine
We had the chance to sing for Ernest Borgnine and his lovely wife Tova one night at a cocktail party in Memphis at Sally Shy's home. Thanks Sally for having us over, it was great to meet your friends, the Borgnine's. Check out Tova's line of beauty products, Beauty by Tova.
T G Sheppard
TG Sheppard stopped by Wink's in Memphis one night to see his friends Wink and Sandy. It was always a thrill when Wink and Sandy's celebrity friends would stop by and then when they would enjoy our music, that made it even better.
Elvis Presley
We never actually met Elvis, but saw his name on the marquee at the Hilton in Vegas nearly every day. Since we now make Memphis, TN our home, we have played many functions at his home, Graceland, and we're still looking forward to meeting him someday!
Jerry Lee Lewis
We found out why they call Jerry Lee Lewis "The Killer" when he stopped by Wink's one night and sat in with us. He broke a couple of strings on the piano pounding out that great Rock 'N Roll he's famous for!
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